Oranges EP

by Bruno Consul

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well, after a lot of things happening at once i finally was able to get this through. i'm actually kind of proud, even though i'm sure i'm gonna hate it a few minutes from now. but at least i done and finished it. yes


released July 28, 2017

thanks to bibinha for putting up with me while i only talked about this for the whole time that i was doing it




Bruno Consul São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Garbage Man
here i go again
the man with the garbage can
feel my will here through this song
'cause this will pass and we'll move on

i'm throwing all on your face

between the highs and lows
not all that shines is gold
be careful my friend, on this road
they will try to steal your soul
Track Name: Sina
i can't stand
the voices in my head
they just let me down when you're not around
and all i can do is sit here and wait for you

i'm not allowed
i wanna live but i don't know how
i just want to prove that i can have a use
and all i can say is that i just can't explain

i don't know
where i'm trying to go
is too difficult, what else can i do?
'cause i know i can, i need a hand

i hate everything i do
Track Name: I'm Dying
every day since i was born
all i do is wanting more
more than i could ever have
and it really makes me sad

i'm waiting on the high moon
to come and let my head loose
you and i know that is true
still i never tell you

i'm dying
Track Name: Falling Into Pieces
i can understand why these things that i feel are getting me down
i can see them surrounding me in my head when i'm walking around
i can understand when these feelings i get they are or not true
but it's hard to accept to know and to feel are two different things

oh my god, i'm falling into pieces
oh my god, i'm falling into pieces, you know
falling into pieces
falling into pieces
Track Name: Another Day
i tried so hard to figure out
what was left on my mind
with my thoughts blowing up
i'm a twisted guy

every day since then
we've been seeing each other
but you cannot treat me
like just another

'cause i can't take
this life i'm living, yeah
'cause i can't take
these things i'm feeling

i tried so hard to understand
what've you been planning
today you're like hell
and tomorrow like heaven

maybe you don't know
or maybe you don't mind
but i don't agree
i don't think you're right

'cause i can't take
this life i'm living, yeah
'cause i can't take
these things i'm feeling

every day
is another day

'cause i can't take
this song i'm singing, yeah
Track Name: Millennial Blues
thank you
for helping me out
pick me up when i'm down again
sometimes i'm not fine
and i don't need to pretend

i'm trying to figure out
how can i deal with this
so i can be better and
find my way through the mist

i'm glad
i'm doing my thing and
you're doing your thing too
if we keep it going
we'll get up there with the moon

we'll have a nice place and
a pretty space to be
and i hope that's the day
that we can finally say: i'm happy